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ClockWise shows the current time and date in a digital clock
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ClockWise is a digital clock for your desktop that shows the current time and date. The clock offers multiple styles (skins) and you can customize the time/date foreground and background colors. It can also be moved all across the screen and can be minimized to the tray when you are not using it. The time and date can be set manually, via Internet (NTP) or via NIST (dial-up).

The clock also shows a mini calendar and can display sunrise and sunset times, world time, and next scheduled event/alarm. It also includes a stopwatch, countdown clocks and timers that can be used whenever you need them. There is also a table with multiple time zones from different parts of the world, which can be customized for your convenience. You can also add events and alarms, set reminders their and recurrence, and even specify exceptions. All the scheduled events can be easily accessed from the clock and you can print and save this list in a snap.

In short, ClockWise is a comprehensive clock that includes all you may need to schedule events and also offers other handy features that make it really worth your while.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • It shows a calendar
  • You can add events and alarms
  • Includes a stopwatch, countdown clocks and timers
  • Offers a table with multiple time zones
  • Fully customizable


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